Have you thought of hosting a clinic in your area?

It can be a great way to bring more awareness to hoof and lameness issues and help horse owners be an active part in helping keep their horses sound. We can help you organize a clinic in your area.  Attendees reserve their spot and pay directly on our website, making it easier for the host.


Hosting a clinic: 


The clinic host will be required to pay upfront for their spot, as a deposit to secure the date for the clinic. When the payment is received, an advertising poster with the workshop details will be sent by email to help you promote it. We will also post the training on our website and Facebook page. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the deposit will be refunded (less $25 for administration fees). The training courses are offered in 3 levels. You can organize a one-, two- or three-day training workshop according to your needs. See details for the workshops here:


Detailed information about clinics


Clinic Host Incentive


Recruit 10 or more participants and as a host your clinic is free! (excluding our travel expenses). 


Venue Requirements


Typical venues are community centers, living rooms, tack rooms and can generally be available for free or for a very low rental fee.  For groups of 10 people or more, Metta Equus will cover the first $50 associated with the cost of renting a venue (invoice required). Any costs over and above this amount are the responsibility of the host or can be added to the advertised clinic fee.


For Level 1 the venue must provide:

  • Enough space to seat everyone comfortably

  • A comfortable temperature (heating/cooling depending on the season). 

  • A washroom

  • Access to electrical plug-ins, or adequate extension cords, power bars

  • At least 1 table large enough for a computer and a projector


Nice to have but not necessary:

  • Kitchen/kitchenette with coffee maker, kettle, microwave

  • Tables for participants to sit at.

  • Chairs, or enough notice to advise participants to bring a folding chair


**Note: if kitchenette is not available participants will be asked to bring a lunch. If there are food venues within a 5 minute drive we can also provide these as a suggestion.

For Level 2 the venue must provide:

  • Sufficient space for all students to sit comfortably and be able to trim their hoof

  • A comfortable temperature (heating/cooling depending on the season). If the weather is nice, outdoors is fine to trim the hoof, but there must be an indoor option as well so that the clinic can run rain or shine.  

  • A washroom

  • Access to electrical plug-ins, or adequate extension cords, power bars

  • A table large enough for a computer and a projector

  • A broom and dustpan for cleanup


Typical venues are garages, machine sheds, barns, tack rooms. We will trim the feet over a tarp so the cleanup is relatively easy. 


Level 3 is private or group coaching trimming live horses


The venue must provide:

An area where horses can be trimmed out of the elements (sun/rain/wind/cold) on level ground without loose horses, dogs, and other animals. A clean shelter with mats or barn aisle is ideal. All horses must be considered safe and be well behaved.


For group coaching:

The host must either be willing to allow participants to trim his/her own horses, or allow participants to bring their own horses based on the hosts established criteria (Coggins test for example). Adequate boarding facilities must be made available for the participant’s horses. This will not involve Metta Equus and will need to be arranged amongst participants and host prior to the day of the clinic.


If the participants' horses are in stables at reasonable distances, the whole group can also move from one stable to another so that everyone can trim their own horses.


Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.


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