Services Equus

Natural Hoof Care 

Services Equus offers bilingual services for hoof trimming and rehabilitation based on the latest research of both domestic and wild horse hooves.

So why eliminate metal shoes?

Because to maintain a healthy hoof, we need to allow the hoof to flex and move, as nature intended.

This trimming technique, combined with proper nutrition and movement, eliminates the need for metal shoes by re-establishing a sound and healthy hoof.


Can all horses go barefoot?

Of course! For horses that would need extra support, hoof boots or flexible composite shoes can help during the transition period, to rehabilitate damaged feet or when moving over difficult terrain.


Hoof boots?

Yes! There are now quality hoof boots that are durable, easy to apply and affordable. Boots allow the natural expansion and contraction of the hoof while still protecting the sole.


Characteristics of a natural hoof trim:

  • Is never invasive

  • Respects the hoof each horse is trying to grow.

  • Evaluates and takes into account the position of the internal structures of the hoof

  • Never creates concavity of the sole, but lets it build

  • Facilitates healing by eliminating the external forces separating the outer and inner hoof walls

  • Is never based on pre-established angles or heel and toe lengths